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Recovering Deleted Files in Windows:

So you deleted your important document by accident, well things are not over yet you can still get it back. Even after a file is removed from the Windows Recycle Bin (your first safety net) it is still not gone. When a file is deleted the space that the file occupied is now open for other files to be written to it, as long as no new file occupies the space the old file was in on your hard drive you can still recover it. It is also important to recover the files as soon as possible because once the space that the file had occupied is overwritten is gone forever.

Unlike UNIX based operating systems that make it impossible for deleted files to retain their name and extension, finding your deleted files in Windows can be rather easy using the right software. Your hard drive can be scanned and you can browse for your deleted files by location, name or extension using Windows undelete software packages.

Windows Undelete Software:

There are tons of different software packages available to recover your deleted files. This software will usually cost you around $50, which is pretty low especially when you have important files that you need back. A search for "windows undelete" or "windows recover" on will give you many options to choose from. One popular package is R-Studio Data Recovery.

R-Studio is a comprehensive data-recovery and undelete program. It supports FAT12/16/32, NTFS, NTFS5 (created or updated by Windows 2000), and Ext2FS (Linux) file systems, and recovers files both on local logical and physical disks, as well as on disks on remote computers over networks, even if their partition structures are damaged or deleted. The program can also perform file and partition recovery after Fdisk operations, MBR destruction, FAT damage, and virus infections. Dynamic disk and RAID support are included, as is support for recovering encrypted files, compressed files, and alternative data streams. File or disk content can be viewed and edited in the hexadecimal editor, which supports NTFS file-attribute editing.

R-Studio is available at

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