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Mechanical Hard Drive Failures:

Mechanical problems are can happen due to spindle motor or bearings, such as motor burnout, "stuck" bearings, excessive heat causing expansion in the shaft and jamming, or motor coil burn out or shorting. Problems like these are usually rare but may happen to your drive. The most common reason for failure however is head crashes. The head floats only a tiny distance above the platter on a cushion of air caused by the spinning platters. A bump to the system at the wrong time during head movement, the improper signal causing the heads to jerk the wrong way or collapsing of the air cushion can cause the heads to slap the platters causing either physical damage or magnetic damage to the platters. Noises such as scrapping, grinding or that once in awhile little ping may indicate a mechanical hard drive failure. Another possible sign is the hard drive spinning up and down or slower than normal spin up at turn on. Clicking noise during starting up or even during operation is also a very huge signal that a pending mechanical failure is coming.

Methods of Recovering Data From a Failed Hard Drive with physical failure:


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