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Data Recovery From a Failed Hard Drive - Hitting Method:

Believe it or not a hard drive that is not working can be brought back to life by hitting it. Sometimes the heads stick to the platter causing the drive to lock up during shutdown. If this is the case hitting the hard drive can knock the heads free. This is a temporary fix and sh ould only be used to recover the data, you should copy your data off the drive ASAP. If the drive is spinning (you will hear it turning) this is not the method to use, this method is best suited for data recovery cases where the drive is not spinning. If the drive is spinning it not physically damaged so it is a problem that should be approached through other methods.

Step 1: Make Sure You Are Prepared to Recover the Data

There is no point in trying to restore the old hard drive if you are not prepared to immediately copy the data off of the failed hard drive. You should have a new hard drive already installed in the computer or have a different computer setup and ready to go. As soon as you hook the old hard drive back up to see if it works you'll have to be ready to start copying the data onto a fresh hard drive.

Step 2: Hit the Drive

Hit the drive with the palm of your hand firmly. You are trying to free up the heads not to destroy the drive so keep that in mind when you are hitting it. If it does not work the first time try again. You can also try hitting it with a rubber mallet or with the handle of a tool such as a screwdriver. You do not want to crush or damage the drive so be careful when hitting it.

Step 3: Restore the Files

Place hard drive back into the computer right away as the slave drive and boot it up. If you can access the drive begin recovering the important data right away. If you are able to recover the data using this method the drive will only work for a short period of time and this method usually only works one time. If the drive still does not respond you can try this method again by hitting it again either harder or with a solid object.

Other Methods of Recovering Data From a Failed Hard Drive:

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