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Data Recovery From a Failed Hard Drive:

It is everybody's worst nightmare, your computer tries to boot up but cannot because of a failed hard drive and you did not have a proper backup plan in place. Signs of a failed hard drive include messages such as "disk 0 error" and "invalid drive specification." You can view our entire list at: failed hard drive error messages.

Types of Hard Drive Failures:

There are two types of hard drive failures, physical failures and non-physical failures. A physical failure means the hard drive itself has failed either due to a mechanical hard drive failure or an electronic hard drive failure.

Physical Failures:

If the drive is not spinning you have a physical hard drive failure, which may be due to the heads sticking, a dead logic board or a number of other reasons.

Information About Recovering Data From a Physically Failed Hard Drive Yourself:

When a hard drive dies because of a mechanical failure there are tricks that have been known to get it working again temporarily so you can recover your data. The hard drive recovery methods will not work in all cases, but may be able to buy you enough time to get your critical data back. Some of these methods may cause further damage to the drive, so please only use them as a last resort and do not use them if you are considering hiring a professional data recovery firm. If your data is mission critical and worth spending thousands of dollars recovering look at sending the hard drive to a professional data recovery firm. If your hard drive is making noises then you have a dropped head and these methods will not work. If the head is broken the only way to recover the data is to send it into a data recovery technician which costs thousands of dollars.

Methods of Recovering Data From a Failed Hard Drive with physical failure:

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