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Welcome to Data Recovery Pros Hard Drive and File Recovery Resources:

We offer free data recovery tutorials and advice to help you get your data back or learn the tricks that are used to recover data. If you have any additional suggestions or ideas please send them to us.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is salvaging data stored on damaged media, such as hard drives or disks or recovering deleted files. When you delete a file Windows only removes the file from the file system table which keeps track of all the files on your hard drive. The actual data is not removed and will remain on your hard drive until overwritten by a new file. Because of this, you can often recover files that have been deleted by using data recovery software. If the space the file occupied has been overwritten or if your hard drive is physically damaged, you can still recover much of the data by using advanced tools or data recovery methods. The data recovery process can be rather expensive and time consuming and can usually be avoided when you make regular backups.

Data recovery can also be necessary when Windows crashes and will not boot and if you have a problem with your MBR or partition table. Use the links at the top of each page to navigate our information for each possible cause for data loss for our advice on how to restore and recover it.

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